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BELOW: Geezum is now casting for up coming web shows and short films! We need Actors, Extras and Non Actors for productions set to begin in Summer 2017. Register to be contacted for auditions.


THE WHISTLERS: Set 1976, this Cayman love story explores the life of a patriotic father who reunites with his estranged daughter and inspires her to be the change her country needs. We are now casting the following roles;  a FATHER, DAUGHTER, MOTHER, HELPER, BOYFRIEND. Each role requiers different actors for the following time periods; 1976, 1996, and 2016.

FIRECAST - THE AMBER POWELL STORY: In the not so distant future, a gifted, terminally ill child creates an app that changes the face of social media forever after her best friend is bullied and commits suicide. The international news media takes notice in her last days of life when her Youtube plea for justice - from a hospital bed -- in Cayman -- goes viral. We are preparing to cast these roles; AMBER, THE BULLY,  PARENTS,  BEST FRIEND. SCHOOL PRINCIPAL, TEACHER, CLASSMATES, DOCTOR, JOURNALISTS.

MONOGAMY RX - CLINICAL TRIALS: Couples, from various cultural backgrounds are on clinical trials in the Cayman Islands for the world's most highly anticipated scientific solution to infidelity, a new loyalty drug designed to keep them faithful. But what happens if it backfires? We'll be casting for LEAD and SUPPORT roles; Jamaicans, Americians, Caymanians, Latinos, Asians, British and other nationalities.


Production for THE

web series, "REMY" CONTINUES

INFLUENCED REMY an Original web series written by Ben Hud. Produced by SANDS Production Company, Content Creator in the Cayman Islands


A popular Caymanian party girl, secretly struggles to overcome alcohol and drug addiction to get back the love of her life, a child she had at college.


REMY is the first of multiple short stories being filmed on Ben Hud's "INFLUENCED" web series. All stories feature a lead character under an external influence.


See REMY: Episode 1.

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